Savings and Financing

Our financing options are designed to make it easy for homeowners to invest in energy-efficient home heating and cooling systems without breaking the bank.


How long does the financing approval process take?

How do I apply for financing through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union?

What are the payment options?

What financing options are available through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union?

What is Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union?

Kicking Gas

Can I combine Kicking Gas rebates with other incentives or tax credits?

How much can I save with a Kicking Gas rebate?

How can I qualify for a Kicking Gas rebate?

What are Kicking Gas rebates?

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Rebates

How do I qualify for PSE rebates?

Can I combine the PSE Midstream Rebate and the PSE Electric Rebate?

How much are the PSE rebates?

How many PSE Midstream Rebates are available per residence?

What is the PSE Midstream Rebate?

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